About Ruchika Sharma

Mrs. South Asia International 2014

“From a celebrity chef to a cookery show host to a beauty pageant winner, Ruchika Sharma has created history in her own way. A year ago, she was wheel chaired and now she walked the ramp, silencing her critics forever !”

Ruchika Sharma’s is an amazing inspiring story. She met with an accident which crippled her and made it almost impossible to walk, but she went ahead to study at Indian School of Business, hosted more than 700 cookery shows and challenged the world by walking the ramp at beauty pageants and pocketed many coveted tittles. Not to forget that she was also simultaneously handling both her culinary institutes, along with her family responsibilities.

Her spirit to fight is infectiously inspiring. After meeting with an accident at the ORR in December 2012, instead of cribbing and cursing her fate. In spite of moving on wheelchair, she was very keen on finishing the entrepreneurship course at ISB. She got admission and had won the award for the best business plan.

Ruchika won the crowns of Mrs India Hyderabad International 2014 and Mrs South Asia at the Crown Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia, Atlanta. It was fantastic platform. She along with other participants, groomed for three days. She met so many wonderful Indian women from across the globe. She has learnt a lot from them. She was asked to speak on women empowerment. As she thought her life itself an example of empowerment, so she could speak well on that topic.The thought of participating in a beauty pageant came to her during days of recovery when she was full of the fighting spirit. While surfing the internet she came across the Mrs India Queen contest. She had never participated in a beauty competition, but had hosted a few pageants. She applied without any serious thought of winning but cleared several rounds to the final at the Crown Plaza in Delhi last year. She didn’t win the title, but was crowned Mrs India Popular amongst the 21 contestants. She was more than happy.

She didn’t want to stop her journey in the beauty world there. She had her spirits going. She started to prepare for the show in Atlanta despite her busy schedule in handling her two culinary institutes in Paradise and Hyderguda and was intending to start another at Jubilee Hills. It was very tough. Her day used to begin and end with preparation which included training, working out at gym, dieting. She was on toes managing herself, office, her son Rushat and family.

It wouldn’t have been possible for Ruchika without the support of her family and friends. Her son Rushat, mother Lalitha Sharma, husband Pawan Abotti, all the assistants, trainers and dieticians supported her so much. They backed her up whenever she felt low. They were my source of motivation too.

Ruchika says her victory stands for the spirit of womanhood. She loves to impart independence to every woman she meets, perhaps run self-employment programmes to teach women skills that will make them financially independent.

Ruchika Sharma has even conducted workshops at the National Police Academy, the National Industrial Security Academy, MCEME and many more. She is not, just a chef; she is a food stylist too. She firmly believes in presentation of food. She loves to have good colours in her plate. When the food is decorated and made to look attractive, people would love to have it.

Food is Ruchika’s element, the myriad ways of preparing it and the myriad ways of presenting it, drawing out inner nuances, whether visual or gastronomic. As a Master of the Kitchen, she loves being challenged to rustle something up for unannounced visitors. It’s a thing with her to serve a five-course ghar ka khana with the accent on the healthy: soup, salad, two main dishes and a low-cal dessert.

As a mother and a food connoisseur she combines duty and art. Of course, she does the cooking at home, and challenges herself to make something for her school-going son that he cannot resist. It’s a game every morning. Her son leaves for school at 7.30 AM and she has to pack two tiffins for him. His teachers and friends know his mom is a chef; so, his box is invariably inspected. Thus, she is judged every day.

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